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Renovation Sale !!!!!

Our gallery subflooring has to be replaced in the next few months, probably January and February, but the exact timing is subject to change. 

Haystack Gallery will be closed during the renovation period and we will need to move everything out so the carpenters can do their work; therefore we are having an early renovation sale to lessen our inventory. 

Take this opportunity to pick up some Christmas gifts or perhaps something you’ve seen that will cherish.

All sales prices will be limited to stock on hand--there will be no special orders. First come, first served, all sales final.  We will accept phone orders. 

Not everything is on sale.  Artists are individually deciding whether to participate or not. 

Below are listed some of the items we are reducing, but there may be more.  .  Check our website for updates or call us.  As we cannot update the website quickly, everything you see on it may not be in stock. 

This is NOT a permanent sale; it is only to reduce some of our inventory before renovation. 

Lee Bogle -  25 % off all artwork – originals,
lithographs, giclees

James Christensen—20 % off

Sean Conrad --original artwork  30 to 40% off

Bart DeGraaf--  giclees--buy one regular price,
buy two 15% off

John Ebner—20% off originals, limited edition lithographs
and giclees, not mini’s

Janis Ellison—30% off all originals

Steve Hanks—framed artwork 30% off,
lithographs and giclees 25% off

Kathy Hasting—original photo encaustics—10% off

Leaf Lines framed leaves-- all 15% off

Rie Munoz – all limited edition lithographs-- 15% off

Mike Orias – 20% off all metal sculptures

Sally O’Neill -selected original pieces:  
Central Oregon Poplars   $500
Garden Path   $500
Oregon City Bungalow   $500
Fiori Di Primavera   $650

Floyd Peterson –30% off all photographs

William Phillips—all giclees 20% off

Pino – all giclees 15% off

Walter Share – 30% off all originals

Michael Sorensen – 30 % off originals and giclees

Michael Tieman --  30% off all original paintings,
15% off the following bronze in stock pieces: 

Wine Thief, The Painter, The Gift and Playing in the Rain

Jeff Zigulis  -- all masks  10% off,
the large green mask ($950) is 30% off.

Please feel free to call us with questions. 

Thank you all for your support.ears.

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